Assistant Chief Deputy Constable Clinton Greenwood

Meet Bounkham Phonesavanh


In a police state, the police are the enemy.

No human being will ever be safe until the last cop is dead
or the inevitable ultimate triumph of Operation U.S.A. Freedom

Take a tour of the Holocaust Museum and see what happened when folks didn’t kill enough cops. Make no mistake: Gestapo is short for Geheime Staatspolizei, German for Secret State Police; and policemen, by definition, are cops.

     Not only the exact same enemy pilots who dropped the bombs on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, but all of the armed forces of the hostile government are the enemy, for the duration of the hostilities. Let God sort them out.

     Not only the exact same enemy officers who threw a flash grenade into Bounkham Phonesavanh’s playpen on 28 May 2014, but all of the police forces of the hostile government are the enemy, until the inevitable ultimate triumph of Operation U.S.A. Freedom. Let God sort them out.

     If you have to pay the price in dollars for parking in a crosswalk, it makes no difference which serial numbers, or which Federal Reserve bank issued them. It is called DETERRENCE.

     If you have to pay a price in cops’ blood for imposing drug laws, for being soft on police brutality and for pretending to believe every fairy tale a cop testilies against somebody whose attitude didn’t pass inspection, it makes no difference which badge numbers, or which department issued them. It’s called ASSERTIVENESS.

     Prosecutors will try harder to get a cop convicted if they know that those eight ugly words, We, the jury, find the defendant not guilty will be regarded as a declaration of war, by the State, against the human race, requiring a full retaliatory response against the police forces of the hostile government.

     There is a growing awareness that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms wasn’t written for the benefit of duck hunters. If you voted against libertarian extremists, and helped elect candidates who are soft on police perjury and police brutality, and who don’t want to re-legalize drugs, you didn’t pull the trigger on 3 April 2017 in Baytown, but you did pull the lever. Defend other human beings’ rights by using your ballots, or Freedom Fighters will defend those rights by using bullets. Any objection? Objection overruled, casket closed.

     On a jury, never take a cop’s word for anything. Presume a videotape would disprove their fairy tale, but the humans were terrified that the cops would beat the daylights out of them and take their cameras. The human under arrest could not ask witnesses for their contact details, and the human was taken to the station, to an area off limits to witnesses, so it is the cops’ job to prove what happened. Cops know, better than the average human, what evidence to gather. If the human being cannot remember which cop beat her up, they all did, except the ones that can prove otherwise.

     If a human is on trial for resisting arrest, did the cops have a valid excuse for the arrest? Did they establish that to the human’s satisfaction? Could the human be sure she would get a fair trial?

Tell “your” elected officials you demand the Copper Rule:

     Part 1: Whatever is the maximum a human being could get for committing that same crime against a copper, that’s the minimum a copper must get for committing that crime against a human being. Crimes committed by coppers are more serious because they have lots more coppers available to rush in if somebody fights back. It is often illegal to fight back, even if the copper is in the wrong, and the coppers vigorously enforce such laws.

     Part 2: A human being is innocent until proven guilty, and a copper is guilty until proven innocent. When you are face down on the ground getting the pulp kicked out of you, you cannot gather evidence or write down the contact information of witnesses. The coppers take you to the station, to a place that is off-limits to spectators. Human beings are often too scared to be “caught” exercising their right to record coppers. Coppers know what evidence to collect and they get paid to prove what happened.

     Tell “your” elected officials that you will never render aid to an enemy officer in distress.
If a human crashes head-on into a cop’s motorcycle, the human cannot use the excuse, “I could not see the oncoming motorcycle while I passed that car, because the hill and the curve obstructed my view.” If you cannot see that the way is clear to pass, you must not pass. If cops cannot see where they are throwing a flash grenade, the same principle applies. A motorcar and a flash grenade are both deadly weapons.

     Make no mistake: Cops are responsible for their own actions. Employment contracts between a government and its cops cannot entitle the latter to violate the inherent natural rights of non-signatory third parties. One politician makes a motion to amend a motion and another signs an autograph on a document displaying a fancy seal. Politicians are only babbling and scribbling. Cops commit the acts of force intended to intimidate humans into complying.
Nothing short of the death penalty is acceptable when a cop participates in the murder of a human being. Prosecutors will try harder to get a cop convicted if they know that those eight ugly words, We, the jury, find the defendant not guilty will be regarded as a declaration of war, by the State, against the human race, requiring a full retaliatory response against the police forces of the hostile government.

     Humans are scared to stop a brutality crime because they know more cops would swarm in. Those other cops partake in the crime by deterring the rescue. So do the cops that would capture the rescuers days later in another State.

     Long ago, Master made slaves learn carpentry, forbidding them to drink booze in class so they’d be worth more. Nowadays, cops intimidate humans into abstaining from drugs so the humans will make more money for politicians to take and squander to get re-elected. Maybe I would have overdosed and died, and I wouldn’t be here, telling it like it is. Maybe they’ll wish they minded their own business. If a cop enjoys the warm feeling he gets from preventing overdoses, he can get a warmer feeling by pouring gasoline all over himself and lighting a match. In a free country, each citizen would decide what drugs, if any, to use.
     “You know, honey, last election we elected a State senator who was soft on police brutality, and our town’s entire police department got exterminated on election night in retaliation. Do you suppose maybe it ain’t such a good idea to elect somebody who is soft on police brutality this time?”

     “I sure learned my lesson! I’ll never pull a lever like that again. Like, I don’t give a fire truck about the victims of police brutality, but it always brings me to tears whenever I think about all those poor, defenseless cops.”

     If cops face danger, that’s no excuse to violate the rights of a human being who didn’t put them in danger. Humans are not getting paid to worry about the safety of cops. Cops need no excuse to wear protective gear, but drawing a gun on a human crosses the line. Remember the Copper Rule: What’s the maximum a human can get for pulling a gun on a copper? If a human shouts, “Show me your hands!” and a copper fails to comply, does that entitle the human to gun down the copper? Is that self-defense? Besides, if a copper gets killed there will be an investigation, and if it is proven that the human acted improperly in using deadly force, the human will be subject to civil and criminal penalties under the law, after a peer-review process. If that’s good enough for innocent humans held at gunpoint by coppers then it’s good enough for coppers.

     Some of the danger is the cops’ own fault. Cops serving commitment orders have been taken out by humans who didn’t want to be locked up and drugged. The right to say “No” to drugs is as sacred as the God-given, unalienable right to use any necessary means to resist rape. What part of “No” did the cops not understand? “No” means “No.” Rights are not gifts from the government. Unalienable rights, by definition, outrank the Rule of Law.
     A distraught politician was buying groceries when the cashier asked, “How are you doing today?”
     The politician sighed, “Well, I don’t know what we’re gonna do. The Freedom Fighters are killing a hundred cops every night!”
     The next customer happened to be an orthodox libertarian extremist, who suggested: “First, decide how many cops you want them to exterminate. Divide that number by one hundred. Count off that many days on the calendar, and that’s what day to implement the Copper Rule and adhere to the Non-Aggression Principle. If you wait one week, that means you want them to exterminate seven hundred cops.”

     Karate teachers, you make students promise to use karate only defensively. Cops are brutal bullies in the business of intimidating humans into obeying unjust laws. Don’t teach karate to cops.

     Cops have a high suicide rate. Cops are such vile, degenerate filth that they cannot even stand to live with themselves. Cops get burned up and hot under the collar when a mere human hesitates to obey their orders, and they can cool off in a refrigerator. Mrs. Cop, you might do your lover boy a big favor by telling him it’s okay to get a job.

     Tell cops NOT to commit suicide. If you know a cop that is feeling suicidal, show it the news article from 28 December 2015 where a cop in Ponce, Puerto Rico gunned down three cops in police headquarters.
Q: What are cops supposed to do?
A: Turn in their badges and stop violating the unalienable rights of innocent persons.
Q: If cops turn in their badges, who are the humans gonna call?
A: They’ll call the cops. I have the funny feeling they won’t all quit the same day, but if half of them quit, rather than get themselves killed in retaliation for drug enforcement, police brutality and police perjury, and the other half are about to, that puts considerable pressure on politicians to re-legalize drugs and to crack down on police brutality and police perjury, adopting the Copper Rule.

If you’re a cop and you quit, rather than get yourself killed in retaliation for drug enforcement, police brutality and police perjury, be sure to tell “your” elected officials why you quit, and that you won’t return until the inevitable ultimate triumph of Operation U.S.A. Freedom.